Are you looking forward or looking back with cerebral palsy

Looking Forward or Looking Back?

Ok so It's the 7th of January when I am writing this and some horrific events happened yesterday which you’ve probably seen either on the internet or the news. It shows the struggle as a different race, religion or any disability, such as cerebral palsy.

Are you struggling to mentally change your view of cerebral palsy?

Are you a person with cerebral palsy and struggling what to think about it? Do you have the feeling of anger, self-pity?

Are you ok with the condition and wish others would get you?

Don’t worry about this challenge, I have cerebral palsy so I know what you mean.

I was born with cerebral palsy and this is what this blog is about how I deal with it. I am writing how to show people that having cerebral palsy does not define you. Or the people you know who have cerebral palsy and how you are around them.

Once you have finished reading this you will be able to understand to some extent:

  1. How to deal with cerebral palsy as a person with the condition.

  2. Explain how you want to be respected as a person with cerebral palsy.

  3. How to treat any person with cerebral palsy as a person rather than talk at someone.

Dealing with Cerebral Palsy as a person with the condition in all it's forms.

  • I said at the beginning of this post the most horrific event happened yesterday in the United States of America where the House of Congress was stormed by people who did not want the new President to come in. And preferred that the outgoing president stay in charge and discriminate against people of colour. And this has been happening for a long time regards everyone different in race, religion sexual orientation or disability. A few years ago this was the scene for people who wanted the Americans who needed Obamacare disabled being dragged from congress. And all they wanted was the ability to have the care that they need as they are human beings.

  • You are one of them and it's ok to be frustrated at the cerebral palsy but you must not let the condition define you. Do not let people either define you through the cerebral palsy either. Because you are worth everything. I do know what you mean though because I do suffer from letting cerebral palsy define me at times. And I hate it!!!

Showing how you want to be treated

  • You are shopping and doing things for yourself and through the corner of your eye, you see someone staring at you. There are two ways to deal with it. These are either to ignore their looks and carry on with your day. Or go to the person and say something about your cerebral palsy.

  • Ignoring the person will not get that person to learn about cerebral palsy as a condition. Yeah, I get it it's not easy in case they are the type of person who is abusive to you. But you know what it's their problem because you are worth it. You can say something like “I’m not drunk I was born like this! do you want to know more?” or if you are in a wheelchair you could something relatable. But also it is how people perceive you as a person with a brain rather than someone who has a lower IQ. And it's not fair.

  • You must say something. It's important to remember that cerebral palsy is not a condition that means that you have a low IQ. it's muscle reading messages from the brain and back again. Meaning it's motor skills, not intelligence. It can be caused by injury or at birth. So in the simplest form, it's brain damage in a part of the brain where you control your body not what you think.

Treating People with Cerebral Palsy as anyone else

  • People with the condition cerebral palsy are no different to you. Yes, they walk differently. Yes, they talk differently. But they don’t have a low IQ. Treat us as people who are the same as you

  • Just because we walk or look different doesn’t mean we are any different to you.

So what now!

Where do we all go from here?

Since starting to write this post yesterday the whole of the government of the USA, with exception of the president, declared that the people who stormed the building as homegrown terrorists. Because they were so wrong in what they did. Yes, violence is so not the answer but neither treating someone any different from yourself. Whether you have cerebral palsy or not.

What do you want?

Do you want to be in the past when cases of cerebral palsy were in care homes? Or do you want cases of cerebral palsy to be living in the community where even if we have limited abilities we still have some kind of value?

In my opinion!

Everyone in this world is to be treated the same no matter what. It shouldn’t matter if we have cerebral palsy or not. If you want to know more about cerebral palsy then check out more posts on my site.

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