Hi My Name is Lizzie

My name is Lizzie Hare, my nickname is Sweetestmoondust. I'm a busy mum in her 40s to a set of twins. I have cerebral palsy diplegia. It means that it is everywhere and there are lots of things that the average person find easy but I don't. This includes walking, carrying items, doing my socks and shoes and other things.

I love fashion, movies, makeup, reading, listening to music, being with friends, family and cooking. for this I have to be supervised or dictate what is to be done as I can cause danger to myself.

Makeup wise I love classic looks that look elegant no matter what you wear. I love the edgy looks too but my faves have to be the classics as I love classic movies with the old style Hollywood actors and actresses.

There are a few modern actors and actresses that I like but the old style has more class and style in my opinion. So that goes with fashion in the clothes and shoe sense too, despite not being able to wear high-heeled shoes

My favourite makes of makeup are  Benefit, Max Factor, Maybelline, and Makeup Revolution although I am open to other makes too. Although prominently FMWorld as I am a business partner with them

My favourite authors are Agatha Christie, Sir Conan Doyle, Terry Pratchett, JK Rowling, Robert Galbraith (JK Rowlings Pseudonym) but again I read most things

Musically I love to listen to swing, jazz, reggae, pop, rock, soul, just to name a few. Artists wise I like, The Script, Ed Sheeran, Simply Red, Blue, Frank Sinatra, Robbie Williams, Mcfly,  Aswad, UB40, and much more.

Love and Peace


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