Is The Excitement Still There?

That is the question that everyone wants to know in their own lives. It doesn't matter what lifestyle anyone has. Money is useful but doesn't mean everything.
Wither you are a singleton or in a relationship, there are things that you can do for free or very little money.

These could be going to your local museum, go on a picnic, make a meal or homemade sweets that you or person that they are for. but that is up to you!

If you are in business for your self there are still things that can be done cheaply yet effectively for your goals and those need to be researched by you.

What I am asking really is what #MelRobbins in her audiobook "Take Control of Your Life" and that is what excites you? which you can get here. on Amazon Audible

I'm asking that question because so many people get this wrong, and when I heard that it completely clicked in my mind. Because what excites you is your passion.

 So being passionate about your job means really that you are excited about the work that you do?

That probably sounds crazy right? Maybe but think about it!

When I heard that I started thinking about what I am passionate about and one of the things I am passionate about it is writing. So here I am writing this post and I am feeling really excited about it.

There was something else, that I took away from the book, and that is to think about the small step rather than the big goal that you are aiming for. 

Think of each step like a lego brick connecting to each other. Meaning that you see each brick as a mini-goal rather than see the big goal

As you can see from the picture and each block is a step to the main goal. So for the future, I am going to be trying to think that everything I do is a step to the bigger goal. And I can't wait to do the next step.

Love and Peace

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