Escapism and Reality

Life is a complex thing. There are so many different aspects of the way everyone is. 

So when you pick your next read and the title is “Father Sweet" by J. J. Martin, and you expect the book to be a read about just simplicity of life in a suburb of some place. Yet you find that you're completely wrong. That feeling is completely refreshing. 

Set in two separate decades 

this book is so well written. Its beginning is of something that makes you wonder and intrigued. It also makes the reader think. The topic that is written about is something that is not mentioned very often. But is so worth talking about, as a reader I don't like to spoil the next person's view but it is a book that needs to be read. 

J. J. Martin's style of writing is so brilliant and touching. Yet is thought provoking with a ending that is amazing. 

I don't often give 5/5 but on this occasion I have, purely for the topic relayed in the story 


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