Confusion and Happiness

Living day to day with lots of different feelings can be so confusing. There are days when you feel so sad you want to sleep until the situation has resolved itself or worse. There are others that you think that you can beat the world. And there are others where you just about function. Have you had days like any of these? I know I have.

On the days where you want to sleep until the situation is resolved, are the days that seem to be the hardest. I don't think so though completely. Because you are forcing yourself to push through the day, until its bedtime if you manage to sleep. 

Those days should be your finest because you have managed to push through and do the things you can. Even if they are the simplest things like getting dressed or even if it's just doing your teeth and making yourself something to drink. Then go back to bed that's alright. 

I also think these are hard if you have people who rely on you.  Please remember that those days are also your strongest because you have pushed yourself through. It really doesn't matter what you do put it as a positive. I find these days hard but I do try to dedicate those days to my family. However I do listen to my body on these days and do what it takes to make sure I'm OK. 

The days that I find the hardest are the days when I am running on automatic pilot. Do you know what I mean by that? They are the days when you do, everything you can, and yet even though you know that they are good, things  you have done. You feel that they are not the best you can. Those are the days you want to sleep but also don't want to. Remind yourself that these are not the worst days because there will always be tougher days and better days. Take these days second by second because they feel like they are taking the longest. Don't rush anything. If you want to reward yourself for just being you

The best days are are when you can function to the best of your ability. I love these days because you can use them as visual reminders that there are good days and there will be more. 

At the moment I am feeling a bit of a mix with all of the feelings in one day which can be frustrating but I do know that these feelings will not be here forever. 

Love and Peace 


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