There are so many different ways that you can be helped by self development. Business, life, personal and family.

There are so many books both in physical, E-book and audible forms. I have read loads for my businesses and many of them made sense while others didn't. I'm not here to diss them.

Right now I am listening to the book

After watching all four seasons of the series that's on #Netflix and completely love every episode. I watched the original series back in the 00s. When it was on #Channel4, here in the UK and on #Bravo in the USA. 

The original show was so influential back then as is the so show now on #Netflix. 

The fact that I binnged on the #Netflix series which you can watch 4 seasons of the show. 

So after seeing the latest season and stepping back from mlm and nm completly. Which I reasoned in What Is It Like and Felling Free I have been trying to pick books to read and listen to just for my pleasure I saw "Queer Eye Love Yourself and Love Your Life" as part a sale on #Audible and so far I am absolutely loving the book. 

As I am listening to it each section is told by a member of the team. You are told a little snippet about the person and what they are the expert of. 

The way it is written is so friendly and clear as if you were a friend who wants to both know more about the people and also get some tips on how to be a better person yourself. 

I have yet to finish the book but I love it. 

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