On The Way

It is a Tuesday afternoon and the weather is grey. One similar to the ones in books that talk of a chilly autumn day like in the picture below.

Photo by Zachary Shakked on Unsplash

And unusually for me, I am feeling good. Not super happy but good. It is beginning to be autumn which although beautiful like the one below when the day starts chilly but it is warm then goes colder again during the day.

Normally even in these early days, I start counting the days to when it is the 21st of December. 
But at the moment things are good. 

There are lots of things that went on during summer that were very stressful for me but these are resolved for now. So I am really positive about the future and am slowly planning ahead and it is looking bright.

There will be a new post about planning and its help in dealing with stress in the near future but for now, I will sign off as usual.

Love and Peace.


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