This is brilliant

Body shop recycling ♻ scheme

This is an absolutely brilliant way to help the planet 🌏.

We all know that the planet is in a precarious position at the moment. Because of the global warming, causing large amounts of damage. Bodyshops history with natural products this is another string to their bow and something that I will definitely check with my local store and see if they are part of the scheme locally. The article above has all the information. 

They are not the only place that does similar schemes. For example The Fragrance Store. Their scheme is SCENTADDICT where you choose your favourite perfume and new ones. One of them each month and if you want or have your favourite already you can refill them with it. They also give you £12 off the biggest bottle of your perfume.

Also Thierry Mugler the perfumee has a similar option where you can refill your own bottle of Alien thus saving money and the planet.

Love & Peace