Following Maria Kondo

There has been so much buzz about Marie Kondo and after watching her series it has given lots to think about to so many people, myself included.

One of her main principles which I find absolutely brilliant is "Does the item give you Joy?". For me, that question is for everything other than clothes because there is another principle. Which is  "If you've not worn something in over a year then give it away". They are very similar in their ideas but the fact something doesn't give you joy is happiness through an emotional attachment to the item you are holding.

This is a brilliant idea because there are things that you hold onto for no real reason. These could be knickknacks that you buy or anything that you have but don't really have any attachment to. It doesn't mean you don't like them it just means you got the item just because. 

Another principle she has that it is brilliant is how she stores things.

And to be fair this is really common sense and a lot of people do this however there are thousands who don't, I include myself in that category.

I want to slowly change things in my own home. I won't show you yet as there are lots of things that need to be done. What do you think of Marie Kondo?

Love & Peace