To Wear Makeup?

Or not to wear make up? That is the question.

Today I was walking into town with my boy so we could do a few tasks before the afternoon. While walking to town he told me that I was just as beautiful without makeup as I am with it. 

I thought it was a lovely thing to say. He also asked why do people put makeup on in the first place? 

I explained that it is someone's way of feeling good about themselves sometimes. It could also be because they have to because of their job. Other time's it could be that the person is going out for a special occasion.

He said OK but why do people just put it on because they are going "say" to the bank for example. So again I said that it could be just a part of who they are. Then he asked why did I put it on today as I don't always. I replied that I wanted to.

Being a busy mum it's not always easy to put on makeup. So I have a lot of different types of makeup. 

A very simple makeup look using very few products. This would be my every day look when I have time. 

Me with a bit more on for a semi special occasion.

But I get what he means because it can be difficult. I don't always wear makeup because sometimes I don't have time. Other times it could be because I don't feel confident enough and just want to hide. 

What do you think of this topic. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Love & Peace