My days when spiralling

I thought spiralling emotionally and the feeling of sinking in the spiral would be a point that people would find relevant especially after Depression Stinks 

When those days start coming I have noticed just recently. Since coming out of a spiral through crying and releasing the tension that these days are actually a warning midway through my cycle.

I don't mean like a day or two before but literally two weeks before if not more than that.

I know that every one is different. I have cerebral palsy and endometriosis which both contribute. 

But have you noticed those days when you either are angry really or in a bad place because of your own hormonal balance?

It's been said that these are, pmt (premenstrual tension) moods and hormonally related. Do you find this?

Personally I think that it's just part of the problem. Sometimes it's a situation that you are having to deal with on a long term basis.

It could be a financial issue or something like that as well as the emotional side of things that you are dealing with day to day and the pressure of what's going on doesn't have a pressure valve like some.

The valve I'm talking about is the ability to put it out of your mind and carry on with other things without stressing about them.

With me it could be something completely mundane that needs doing that I can't do which turns my mood into frustration then guilt and depression because I can't do it.

Do you have something like that? 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this and what you do to release the tension!

Love & Peace


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