Makeup post on hold

I had planned in the last week to put out a post about my own makeup. What I use daily and what I use for special occasions.

However I have had a bit of time having a bad patch. Being frustrated and unable to do things because my cerebral palsy and endometriosis have been causing problems, making me feel like I'm enadiquate and useless. 

I know that it's not true. However the feeling has been like a whirlpool, where I am slowly sinking. 

And in my usual days of feeling lowI watched a couple of episodes of the show "Northern Rescue" on @netflix and I cried. That day was today. 

The series is about a family and how they cope with life after the death of a family member. 

So it can be a emotional roller-coaster watching. And as I said at the beginning I cried. And I am feeling so much better after that cry. 

It was like a release of tension and a way of getting rid of the block of negative feelings.

I was so enspired that I could actually write this post on my feelings regarding what I have felt and what I have done to get through those feelings in order to get myself back in to the feeling of posting and giving an explanation on why I hadn't done the makeup post 


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