Depression Stinks

Today I am writing because I am slowly getting better. I am still having days where I am feeling low and can't do much not even think about what's for dinner let alone what to write in a post like today. I hate not posing but when I'm not well there's nothing I can think of to say.

Do you ever feel like that?

Its a horrible feeling thinking that you are not worth anything to the people around you, even though you know in your heart of hearts that you are worth everything to them.

The thing I do in these situations is sleep as much as possible. Sometimes when I can't do that because of whatever is going on I try to listen to some music or read a book.

It is ok to feel that way though because no one is perfect and can do everything no matter what they think.

If everyone was perfect, life would be boring and none descript. Meaning everyone would be the same.

Do you have a safe zone where you can go to heal? 

My favourite place is my bed where I can hide and recharge by sleeping or reading. If on the other hand, I have to be semi-available I have a shower and do a few minutes meditation just to try clear my head.

Where's your favourite place?

Don't keep things under wraps speak to someone about your feelings and what is happening because you are worth it and so much more.

Love and Peace


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