Playing in the Snow

The last few days have been a bit of a down point for me. Having cerebral palsy when the snow comes. It means that I can't get out of the house at all not even in my scooter that I rely on for long distances. So I'm feeling a bit low despite the glorious sunshine that's melted the snow today

This picture was of Friday when I decided to put a bit of makeup on. 

Without my glasses. 

With them. So I played with my makeup. I love wearing makeup as it makes me feel human. Sometimes when researching looks for me I get the impression that people forget about the people who can't wear contact lenses. This is because the looks are amazing, but can be hidden by the glasses. So I don't use a cats eye flick or anything that draws the attention to the eye and would rather let the rest of the face do the talking so to speak.

I'm hoping to put a few more pictures up very soon. 

Love and Peace 


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