Having a low day

When having a low day I try to push through if I can. It's not always easy, however I try. Thursday was one of the those days.

Its really difficult trying to push through because there's so much doing. Running a home with cerebral palsy as a distraction is no fun. 

Learning to let go of the things that I can't take control of is one of the hardest things as I realise that my body is slowly getting worn out.

You may say that every one wears out while living which is normal. Yes that is the case. 

However cerebral palsy makes the amount of energy that is used even for the smallest of tasks ten times as much. So this means that the body is properly ten years older inside than the body you see.

I get frustrated with the problems because I find things harder to do the older I get.

I have mentioned this before in previous posts such as Playing in the Snow and Changes that make me about cerebral palsy and its affects on me. I don't try to let it get me yet sometimes it really does. 

So if you are having a low day it's OK. Listen to your body and rest as much as possible because it's trying to tell you that you need a bit of you time. 

Love and Peace 


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