More Changes

Today marks the start of a new beginning for me. I am feeling so excited. I'm heading to a new stronger me. It is a long journey ahead and I don't expect it to be easy. I know
that it is going to be so worth it though.

Have you ever thought that you have so much more to give?  Then think about reading self-help books or by going to a life coach. You may think that the idea to be a stretch. I thought so too at the beginning however it was the right decision. I won't be looking back.  My life coach is amazing and has helped me in so many ways. Her name is Clair Pyle and I am so glad that I have found her. Look around for someone who has a good rep, read reviews, check Facebook, LinkedIn and other places.

If you find that having a coach too expensive there are many apps you can use to help you grow as a person. There are a few that I recommend such as My Possible Self, Mood Tools, Goal Smart and Wysa. However, my favourite is Remente and you can either use a free version or pay £8.49 a month. I also have a journal that I use which is Journal It again there are two versions either free or £1.89 a month. The apps I use are android based

As well as those I use Serenity chat which is a chatbot on messenger. Which is free and monitors your mood twice a week. It is a great thing as it keeps check to see if you are feeling low or ok and it keeps a graph of how you are. So if you need to check with a dr it will suggest doing so.

It is important to ensure that you look after yourself and these are things that I personally use.

Love and Peace


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