I am So Sorry

I thought I would try a new provider for this website and it didn't work out for me because I couldn't get all of my posts on here to the new provider. After a struggle with the new provider, I am back on here and have made a few changes.

I am really sorry for all the changes however I was advised to by someone who I thought was good for my blog. I found that actually, they had lost me followings so I have had to wait for 60 days to bring my domain back.

There will be changes that I have been making while waiting for the transitional time to finish because I know it needed to be improved and thought that a new provider would be a good option. Unfortunately, I discovered that it wasn't.

A couple of changes that I will have made will be a few pages, one giving links to my book reviews and a few other changes that are going to happen over time.

Love and Peace