A Little Bit of Magic Comes Your Way!

Do you have someone who is a Harry Potter super fan? 

Out on the 22nd of October is a fabulous bit of tech that is going to be wanted by every single fan myself included. It is a portable photo and video printer.

It is an amazing piece of kit that makes magical moving photos. With the Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer and App, you can make your photos come to life like magic in your hands. Lifeprint Products Inc, the creator of the Augmented Reality Hyperphoto™, has teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to launch the Lifeprint Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printers to consumers this holiday season.

The Lifeprint Harry Potter Photo and Video printer will give Wizards, Witches and Muggles™ alike the ability to embed moving video inside their favourite photos and print them out or share online.  Watch as special moments come to life like magic with the custom Lifeprint App. The printer can print videos from Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Apple Live Photos, and even Animated GIFs.

Exclusive Wizarding World Content like Facial Filters and Stickers

The printer requires no ink to print and all photos are printed on 2x3 inch ‘sticky backed’ paper for the easy decoration of rooms, lockers, bulletin boards, school books, scrapbooks, cards, or frames.  The printer comes in both black and white and is small enough to easily fit in a bag, pocket and of course wizarding robe pockets!  Hogwarts House medallions are even included in every box, which allows fans to customize their printers and identify as Gryffindor™, Hufflepuff™, Ravenclaw™, or Slytherin™.

The Lifeprint Harry Potter Photo and Video Printer is available for pre-order on Amazon.co.uk from today and will be available in selected retailers beginning October 22nd, priced £149.99 / €159.99.

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