Fun In the Sun

This week has been absolutely amazing weather wise and scorchingly hot. I have been following the European idea of keeping the curtains and blinds closed. As this keeps your home cooler than opening the curtains and blinds.

So although I haven't actually done siestas like in many places I have managed to be able to work keeping cool in the home by doing this especially as I don't have air conditioning.

Earlier in the week, I made a picnic and had it in the local park.

While sitting in the shade. The food we had was the food we already in the house and nothing fancy. Which means that the food was free, in the essence rather than going to the store to get more.

The local park is within walking distance of the home and I ensured that I was protected from burning in the sun by using

Whilst also ensuring that the kids are also protected by using

They are both amazing products and really do work while smelling nice.

After having some food we played various games such as "Piggy in the Middle" and "It". I also invited the kid's friends so that they were able still to connect with their friends.

Doing these things meant that the family was able to connect. As during term time, the schedules are completely chaotic making the connection more difficult.

I think it is really important to be able to connect as a family. Because that way you know what people are really thinking and what they need. 

I really hope that you find the ideas useful.

Love and Peace