A Nice Feeling So Far

So today I have been trying the creamy yet powder like substance as a primer from #FMWorld 

Below is a photo just before I put some on 

Then after putting some on

I took these photos while out waiting for the meeting of a team member. The time I put it on was 9.40. I then came home. 


The photo above was taken at 1.12 in the afternoon at home. I have noticed how the product has stopped my eyelids from sweating so much, which has been a real help to my hayfever. As the sweat would drip into my eyes causing more irritation.

The product is very like lemonaid by Benefit at a competitive price. It has a fantastic feel when you put it on and lasts for 12 hours with only a tiny bit of sweat in the crease of my eyes at 9pm. 

I absolutely love this amazing product Eyeshadow Base by FMWorld 

Over the next two weeks I'll do a full test with a make-up look or two 

Love and Peace