English Summer

People often moan about the rain and coldness of the English weather. Yet when it's super hot like now people moan still.

However they obviously don't realise where this island is. It is in the most awkward place on the earth as it is in the temprant section of the world so it is hit by every type of weather the planet has thrown at it.

I personally love the heat and sun suffering from S.A.D which means when it is dark and cold I want to sleep until it is warm and sunny again. I'm sure that a lot of you can relate to that feeling at times. 

So although it is extremely hot here in the UK I am grateful for it as it means that I am in a better place and I feel good.

And to do that I use suncream and aftersun if I get sunburnt. The ones I use is 


There are many different levels of suncream that are available however this is the link to the one I use Suncream 

And this my personal choice of aftersun Aftersun mist