Here I am

Here I am sitting and waiting for the special event that my hubby won me a ticket for and it is really interesting to learn about what he has a passion for.

Because although I do like tech and new products that come out I stick with companies that are disabled friendly because of their use and ability for people like myself.

For a long time I was a Moto g fan as they were really good and robust for people who struggle with touch screen and typically spasm or drop their phone lots.

However since I have I won an #Honor6x I don't think I can go back to any other company. I won a #Honor6x over a year ago and haven't looked back. 

I did a review of the #Honor6x and haven't changed my mind. In fact it has been a complete pleasure to work with.

So now while I am sitting in a crowded room full of people who are fans of #Honor or people who are tech review people and big YouTube celebrities such as @SuperSaf and @MrWhoseTheBoss, while I write this blog.

We were shown the new #Honor 10 and all the new features it has included the AI beauty system.