A Monumental Change

Today has been a monumental change in the UK and US because of the wedding of Prince Harry and Rachel Megan Markle.

They are now are married and although they will be known as Harry and Megan they do have their Royal titles.

Yet not many people are in are not aware of the history of the occasion completely because of what happened back in the 1930s when there was an abdication and a royal pharoar when Queen Elizabeth II's father became King because of his brother's love of a twice married woman from America. Her name is of course Wallis Simpson.

So you see although it is fantastic that Harry married Megan and people who just want bring in the fact that she is biracial they have forgotten about what happened in the past.

The queen's permission of this wedding is a great way to say that the history has been forgiven and a fantastic way to tighten the relationship between the two countries who are bound by history.

Another bit of  that many people will have maybe not been taught is that former great Prime Minister Winston Churchill's mother was also American.

So you see our history is completely entwined as well as by the history of slave trade.

And no matter what you think of the wedding itself and the fact it was a royal one to boot its a strong boost to both our political and economic growth as well as other reasons.

Personally I think it is a great way and I loved watching it on the TV.

Love and Peace