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After a serious amount of time of not really looking after my skin because I couldn't afford masks to help my skin. I decided that one of the things I really needed to get from the company FM World was their Aloe Vera peel mask.

The price of the mask is £8.69 and is absolutely brilliant. It is a green gel that you put only a light coverage on using a mask spatula and leave to dry for up to 20mins. At this point, your skin is made taught and you crack the mask to make it possible to peel off.

The picture above is the mask just before it starts to dry and you feel it tightening. I set a timer for 20 mins so that I didn't forget because I have missed caring for my skin like this. Because the company before I worked with had really good masks for different types of skin. However, they did not have a mask for my skin type and are extremely expensive. So I switched to FM World and found this absolutely fantastic as it is for all types and a brilliant price. My skin is so much better thanks to this mask.

There isn't a good picture of my skin being so good however I can feel the difference even after one application.
I give this mask  4/5

Love and Peace

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