Adding to My Skin Routine

Ok so after restarting my skin routine for my face and falling in love with the products from FM World I decided to add to it. After starting with the Aloe Vera Peel Face Mask, finding how good it is and posting a review Soft-and-Gentle and then adding to the regime the I bought the toner and cleanser for removing makeup that I wore that day.

I start by using this cleanser with the face cloth,
which is silky smooth and so gentle on your skin that you don't really see that it is working until you see what the cleanser has taken off. It is absolutely brilliant. This has made me feel like putting on makeup more as I have seen a great difference in my skin.
 Then after that, I use the toner from FM World and it is totally fantastic.
It is a gel form toner which you leave on to dry. So for me that means going from the bathroom to bedroom before putting on my moisturiser which at the moment is E45 general moisturiser for dry skin which is also helping my skin, however, I am looking at getting FM World night time moisturiser specifically for anti-ageing so will be reviewing that once I have got hold of it.

As I have been using the toner for a few days I will do a proper review of the item. For now, though I will be scoring the product at 3.5/5.

Love and Peace