Busy Lifestyle

As many of you know I'm a busy mum however with things being so crazy there isn't time to get clothes either for myself or the kids. I used to love going shopping for clothes for everyone however it's just not possible these days.

Being on a budget is another thing that is a pain when there are so many needs and wants so I decided with my own allowance within the family I was going to treat my self to some new clothes from Matalan. Yes, it is a place to get reasonably cheap clothes however there is no need to deny yourself anything as long as you stick to budget and reason.

Nearly 20 years ago I was told that you should only buy something if you absolutely need it. Yes, that is still good now. However, I feel that you could be denying yourself something of necessity. For me, it was denying things such as underwear and clothing especially as a mum I still want to look good while providing the things that the family need.

Because being a mum life is tiring. There are still people who think that we do nothing, however, we have to run the house, make sure that the clothes are clean, food is ready both for pack lunches and dinners, make sure that the kids have done their homework, and got ready for the next day. This can also be for the dads too who have to do the same job on their own. It should be a joint effort although it is common that the split isn't always equal.

So going shopping online just for me was a pleasure. I got underwear that was needed and a few things that I thought would be really good as outfits. over the next few weeks, i will show you the full outfits rather than just the items. I will also be showing makeup and nail looks that I think would look great with these pieces.