A Make Up Lovers Dream

Being a makeup lover who loves everything about makeup I decided to get hold of a professional set of brushes to combine with my Sweetestmoondust At Younique set that I have. I wanted to get another set that would make it easier to do certain looks. So I looked around for a set that included everything for a reasonable price. After going through all the normal makeup companies I looked on Amazon which you can get via this link Makeup brushes.

It comes in a beautiful box.
This contains a faux black snakeskin roll 

Once opened it contains the following.

I absolutely love this set as it has everything any makeup artist wants starting with the eyebrow brush and the spooly for your lashes going through to the fantail brush for highlighting and finishing off your own look. 
I use my Younique set for everyday simple looks. If on the other hand, I want to do a more contempary glamorous look then I use this set.

I give this set 5/5 

Love and Peace

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