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OK, so this month is going to be the month where things are on hold as such. Having to go out loads I am having food out. Most of the time I'm staying at the local Wetherspoons. I'm usually sitting where its light so I can do my videos. It's really good as I'm able to have my scooter beside me. I try to keep the scooter out of the way, for the other customers.

Being out as I said I have been eating loads. My favourite breakfast from Wetherspoons is the breakfast wrap. This is so delicious.

It has sausage, egg, bacon, hash brown all wrapped up in a soft tortilla. As a change, I switched to an Eggs Royale which is also yummy however it's not my fave. It has two poached eggs salmon and hollandaise sauce on an English Muffin.

I then had a Tandoori Chicken wrap which is really nice yet not something I would order very often as it has over 1000 calories and I think that I would put way too much weight on.

I even added a salad to this to try to make it a lighter choice. However, I don't think I will have it very often.

Then on Friday as I was only going to be in town on for lunch I decided again to pop into the Wetherspoons and I ordered a Southern Fried Chicken wrap with smoky chipotle mayo and chips.

This is one of my favourites lunches however I think I'm going to swap from chips to a salad. 

If you see me in my local don't be afraid to say hi.

Love and Peace


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