The last week

This has been a truly crazy month finishing with a smash in more ways than one. I have been working on my other business which is my #Younique business and I have had a totally awesome month and now I am beginning to think that I can show you what I can do. It has been a truly difficult thing for me as I began with the kit like everyone else who joins, yet because it didn't come with what I wanted to show. I just used it mainly for myself getting a few customers who wanted to see what the fuss is all about and have fallen in love with the products just, like I did.
It now comes like the picture below

I feel like I can give it justice now because I know how up to date the colours are and they are constantly looking at what the products can do and what they are made of. Before I knew how good the products were and are yet didn't feel confident enough to show you what they, did because I couldn't get all the products that I needed to do looks for myself. Now I feel like I can. So there will be more photos of me wearing makeup and showing what this young company can do.

The rest of the week has been sorting out my health and recovering from a fall in which I had stitches in my arm and tissue damage. While the kids are off for the summer holiday season and are going crazy. And I absolutely love being able to work when the kids are at home. 




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