Looking after Your Lips

The weather has been glorious recently and my lips have been really dry and flakey so as part of my skincare regime I decided to add these amazing products.

The lip exfoliator by younique is brilliant.
It is a sugar-based exfoliator that is in a pencil shape, you don't need to sharpen it as it is twisted at the base to extend out.

To use it all you have to do is rub it over your lips and then wipe it off although it is edible so it can be eaten.

And daily I have been using the younique lip bon-bon, Cherry Cobler which is a tinted lip balm.

It helps keep my lips nice and kissable while giving them a bit of a tint and with the weather being so gorgeous I have not put much makeup on. but the lip exfoliator and lip bonbon with a mascara is the best simple look for the average mum with a bb cream or if naturally tanned a bit of SPF moisturiser. It doesn't matter what companies you use to look after your skin however it is a must. I use youniqiue as I am a presenter and think that these products are brilliant.


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