A Great Little Bargin

Ok, I had wanted to get myself a new Kindle for a while as mine had been playing up because it was old. So as it was Prime Day the other day I decided to see what the deals were. I saw that they were doing kindle fire's 7" ones for £29.99 so picked one up.

I had used my kids 7" a couple of times so I know how to use one but I needed one of them for my own work as I review books as well as everything else you see on here. like  A Cracking Read which is one of my book reviews.

As they don't have purple I chose a red one. The proper name of them is Punch Red and so far I absolutely love it.

They have gone back to the proper price of £49.99, however, I still consider that they are at a great price. if you want to check them out use the link below

7in Kindle Fire

I give this a 4.5/5


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