One Love

The last week has been a horrendous one ending on a fantastic high note with the gig that Ariana Grande set up to play last night.The horror that happened on Saturday night in London has only united the country stronger. I have said in a video today on my youtube channel that we must stand together. It doesn't matter if we are of different colour or religion because inside we are the same. So go check on your friends and neighbours and make sure they are ok? Because it is best to keep each other safe.

I watched the gig from my tv and loved every minute. The gig showed the unity of the city Manchester and people of all races coming to show that a horrific event will not stop people from having a brilliant time and enjoying music from different places in the world.

I mentioned that I had touched on this topic in my book Questions by Lizzie which is a book of poetry regarding dealing with life the way I see it as a disabled person.




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