Sorry For All The Mess Around

Hi, all  I am really sorry for the mess around recently. I have been working on this site for a few days and had some ideas that I wanted to combine a bit more in depth. That way I can concentrate on this and my three other main projects that I have wanted to concentrate on for a while.

I hope you like the changes I have done to the blog.

The biggest two changes are the fact I have got a Domain for my blog and the name change. Sweetestmoondustsstyle

Now I'm looking to add my Younique store to my place so that if I mention it when doing a blog there's access to my store through a button rather than a link. However, for now, I will just add the link. Younique By Sweetestmoondust like that one. I am seriously looking at how to do that as I love #Makeup #Fashion and #Books and want to incorporate it all into here rather than having to spread my posts.


love for now