Mini Clothing Haul

Ok joining the #NewLookPass was a brilliant idea as I am able to get things next day. I was going through the coats and decided to get some new ones. While also those arrived I didn't expect my hubby to get me the awesome #BeautyAndTheBeast Tshirt that you can see in the photo.

I chose a running coat for hubby as after watching the two-part documentary about running he decided that he wants to start being more healthy.

This one cost £11 in the sale. It has a few sneaky strips that glow in the dark and a pocket on the back so you can use it while cycling.

I also decided that I wanted to get myself a new coat.

I wanted to try something a bit different so ordered a hoody type of raincoat. It is very comfortable to wear. There is a false pocket at the front of the coat and two huge pockets at the sides. Having to ride a scooter for long distances this is perfect. As it doesn't get caught in the seat or anything.


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