What can I say I have had a few days of feeling as if I was not worth anything because of the fact that I hadn't been making a fuss of myself. So a couple of days ago I did some training for my business and it released me from a lot of feeling guilt. The feeling of guilt was not a pleasant one because I had been not feeling like doing anything, not even a blog or video despite doing them.

So while listening to the lives and videos of training things began to click and the favourite thing that I got from the training is that its ok to do something for yourself rather than your business. The best way to do this I found is to write something you do for yourself so even reading for 30mins or putting a face mask or whatever you love to do and make sure that you do it daily or weekly. Then put it in a special jar or cup or something else. When on days you don't do something from the things in your special place. So I am grateful to be taught this because if I don't do this I won't feel good.

You really should try it.