Girly Time

Yesterday was a holiday for me and although I work from home blogging and being a mum I thought it was the time that I and my girl spent a bit of time out shopping for things that she needed. So I introduced her to the joys of Primark. Oh, my goodness did she see the joys. We were looking for a few things that she and her brother needed for the week back at school and some other bits and when heading to the department that we needed we saw some perfect bits that when she and her brothers' room is tidy and had the changes needed we will think about updating their room. while looking around she mentioned that she wanted a new small pillow as she hadn't got one and while looking we discovered that they had lots of different things that were perfect for her room and she wanted everything. However, as she had said she needed a new small pillow she could only get one and the pillow she ended up getting was this one.
It's so soft and just perfect for a little girl growing up. In another blog sooner or later I will get more of a haul to show you what they have. Right now though go and check them out as they have some really pretty stuff in stock and I don't know how long things are going to be in stock

after this, we went for lunch at our local JD Wetherspoons and had a light lunch which was a cheesy pasta for her and a chicken wrap and chips for me.

This included a drink each too before heading home.


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