A refreshing toner

In my last order from younique I ordered the rosewater toner for my skin to use after using my facial wash
Which I totally love. It's gentle and kind and moisturisers my skin. Being on a tight budget I am slowly getting the skin care products so I started with the wash and then decided to get the toner. It is so refreshing and gentle. It smells like freshly picked roses rather than like some toners that smell synthetic, or are meant to smell like a flower yet don't.

You can spray the toner on after putting on your make up on to set it. Although younique does have a translucent powder setter which is super super popular and on back order at moment Youniques powder setter however if you want to have a check out of the powder setter there's the link.  

The rosewater is £23 and lasts absolutely ages. It also calms any sunburn on your face so it is a multiuse item so completely worth the money so here is the link to where you can get it.



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