Dry skin situation

So the fantastic weather is out and has been for the last four days with days with being able to eat outside.

 And with all this fantastic weather I have found that my skin is beginning to feel like sand paper so am going to have a face mask in the morning and when I can I'm going to get my favourite facial treat for a summer and that's a bbcream.

After really struggling the #Younique #Bisque last year I tried it again recently following the instructions of using a foundation brush and it just melted in to my skin.

To my surprise also I found that it made my skin silky smooth and my skin drunk it in. Therefore I have realised that actually this bbcream is my actual favourite. My former was #Maybeline bbcream this is so much better. 
Yes it is slightly more expensive however I think monthly it would be better value as it would last the whole time for one tube whereas you would be buying the three tubes for using it daily. So as soon as I get it I will put my own review on it again. Also being slightly tanned already this season I will get the slightly darker shade called honey.

I will also be blogging about another thing that I am getting soon and I can't wait