An exciting weekend

It's Sunday night and the kids have gone to bed and excited for the following weekend. It's a school night and so many things have changed in the last 48 hours. The main thing is that I am back writing my blog on a laptop, thanks to a very dear friend, I have a new customer for my younique business and a tip Lisa Potter-Dixon gave in her newest book has saved me £50 for a makeup brush cleaner. Which is to use a lego board to clean your brushes with brush cleaner or shampoo. So things are moving for me and I am so happy right now.

The next thing to do is to think of what I can do for my friend who helped me get this machine. There are some crazy things that are happening in this country right now so time is going to be sporadic. A new timetable for things is going to have to be made tonight or I'm going to be running around like a headless chicken as the saying goes.

Lots of love


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