Disney's Beauty and the Beast

What can I say about this movie that has not been already said by everyone else. There is so much that goes on within this live version of the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.

Right from the beginning this version of the tale is different yet brining in all of the classic bits. The main characters are played by Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Dan Stevens, Ewan McGregor, Sir Ian McKellen and "Frozen Olaf" Josh Gas as LeFou, with Luke Evans (hobbit) playing the self-absorbed Gaston.

Emma Watson plays a charming young woman Belle who knows what she's wants and doesn't shirk from any decision she makes. When losing her father played by the brilliant Kevin Kline she goes after him to save him.
Ending up in a castle which is enchanted and ends meeting the Beast played by Dan Stevens of Downton fame. Emma's singing voice is sweet and gentle yet clear and full of feeling.

There has been various comments that the scenes that include gay and transgender people, as well as education in the scene Belle teaches another little child to read. In my opinion it doesn't matter what type of person you love because that makes you you.

Dan Stevens as the Beast is absolutely stunning and and amazing thing to see. Yes he looks like a beast yet his acting is really good. You first see him as the arrogant prince before being transformed by the entrancess who gives him the rose. Then obviously when we see him when Belle goes to rescue her father and throughout the movie.

If you know the Disney classic then you will know about the Christmas special that was done and in that there are songs and characters that were put in the new version. The beast sings a song  called 'Evermore' and I absolutely sobbed my heart out. Dan Stevens' sings this and it totally amazing. I will be buying the album. 

Emma Thompson plays Mrs Potts and as a character, she's brilliant and does it very well however her version of 'Beauty and the Beast' is not the classic sung by Angela Lansbury yet it is good.

Ewan McGregor plays Lumiare and is very funny as the candilabra singing "Be Our Guest" and using the script from the original as is Sir Ian McKellen as cogsworth the clock. 

Luke Evans who plays Gaston is brilliant and in this version. You also learn more about the person who is this way along with his friend LeFou who happens to be in love with Gaston. Josh Gad is excellent as LeFou.

For me this film is an absolute treasure and excellent.  I don't give 5/5 easily and this is definitely deserves it 


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