Bespoke boxes

Who loves getting surprise boxes each month ? I know I certainly do.

Well being a #younique presenter I don't need makeup in the surprise box so I asked a friend of mine #DebbieLynes if she does them and she said yes she does. The minimum amount is £5 with a £3 making it £8. There are 3 sizes of boxes that she does  £5, £10 and £15. The products she uses are Simply Scented, Jamberry and a few unique products that she has in.

So for my first box came a few days ago and I absolutely love it.  She sent me various different scents as both as soya waxes and sizzles. These include Drumstick lollipop smell, Love Heart sweets which are named Candy Hearts to avoid copyright infringement, Banana, Strawberry and Berry Burst, just to name a few.

The Drumstick one smells like the old style Drumstick lollipop and is one of my all-time favourites. In the box she also sent me a room and linen spray of White Musk which is gorgeous and subtle. She included a small bag of chocolate ladybugs with caramel centres and a weekly planner that you tear off as you go.
From her Jamberry business she sent me a gorgeous half set of wraps and a nail file and a cuticle stick and alcohol wipe to clean your nails with before applying the wraps.

The box I ordered was a £15 one and for that price I think what is included is amazing and so worth the value. 

My little girl is into makeup and other girly things so I asked if Debbie could do a box specially for little girls and she said yes. I won't know what is in the box as it's designed specifically for a little girl as a monthly treat . The £5 box is what she is having as is perfect for pocket money and i said that I would pay for the postage. If you want to know more about these please contact #DebbieLynes on If you want to see her jamberry store check it out
And her other store is Folkestone gifts galore on Facebook as a private page which you can  ask to join


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