Honor 6x Review

Ok I have had this phone for a couple of weeks now and love it.

Being a #mum and #blogger as well as a #younique presenter and author I would class myself as a fairly heavy user, all though not the heaviest. And with this phone I have found that it lasts at least a day to a day and a half.

Being a disabled person I am possibly more likely to drop a phone and yes I have dropped it and there hasn't been any serious damage not even a scratch on the screen.

The phone is running on #Android at #Marshmallow and will be updated shortly. It has 3 cameras two of them are on the back and make your pictures sharper. And the front is a great #selfie taker so it's great for my line of work.

Being a mum I haven't found any drops of calls or anything else.

It's a very elegant and fresh looking and easy to use. I love using it and I am  writing this review on it while listening to a book.

These are stock pictures of the phone and show you what it looks like. I used to use a #SonyXA which is a great little phone however this phone works so much better for me.

I give this phone 4/5


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