Ahh a quiet week

So the last few days have been really quiet business wise and yet busy family wise so blogs have been a bit scarce recently. 

The thing that I have not been able to live without this week is #Younique #LipBonBons. The weather has been changeable and causing my lips to peel so I am constantly putting on my lip bonbon to keep my lips soft and gentle. There are 5 different tints #ChocolateTruffle #Vanilla Milkshake #Cherry Cobbler #RedVelvetCake and #RaspberryCheesecake. My one is Cherry Cobbler so has a tint of a berry red and looks like I am wearing a little bit of make up, even though I am not in the mood to wear loads at the moment.  I have found that the lip bonbon has helped heal my lips. I also used the Lip Bon Bon a subtle blush to complement my lips. This is a tip from one of my role models as a make up artist that I think is a great way of multi using products that are only meant to be used a specific way. 
 That is what I wear most days except I have changed my glasses and a new hair cut and colours.
It's so  easy as a busy mum. 


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