A quiet few days

The last few days have been a bit of a challenge as there has been a family bereavement, however we must move on because dwelling on the past is not a good idea.

As the world changes daily its not worth it. So with this in mind I need to change my daily routine so that I can concentrate on what is necessary and walk away from the things that are holding me back...

I love writing my blog and yes I know sometimes it's a bit boring. My life is just average. I don't care though, I have cerebral palsy and clinical depression along with other problems, there are not many blogs about it.

I am still a woman, wife and mother and again these issues are not covered much while being disabled. There are many fantastic blogs that cover make up and clothes and some disabilities.

To combine everything though there are not many.  Especially motherhood while being disabled. So if I am quiet for a few days or weeks it is because I am having a bit of a challenge but I will be back.

For my readers I am very grateful for your patience with what and when each post is completed. I promise to try to get more done on a regular basis however if things that out of my control arise then please be patient for the next post.

I know this post is a bit serious about the topic however things need to be said before I move to the next level in this blog.



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