The future of our lives update

Everyone is scared of what is going on around them politically and rightly so. Especially if we have certain things going on at the moment.
There are some positivity that is going around with this, that will help everyone in the world and one of these is the ability to do things in the home via speech.  

This includes the heating and lighting, having difficulties all my life I have been given more freedom of independence through having certain things installed.  

My husband writes for a website called  under which he was asked to review #Hive an innovation by #BritishGas. 

This is my take on the same thing because I have a different view due to having a disability.

Having an older style house we were sent the #hive lighting and I can't sing it's praises high enough, from my point of view. From my phone I can turn the living room lights on and control the kitchen lights too. I have added a light for the kids room so that we can control the lights in their room too. 

All this from my seat on the sofa! Yes it could be seen as a lazy person's dream however it gives independence to people who have limited ability and speed me included. 

What is even more brilliant is that you can connect to the echo by Amazon now and do everything by speech. Hopefully the #GoogleHome will be able to have this access when it comes to the U.K.

If you are interested in the review of the actual item then here is the link to the webpage for the actual system.