That Touch of Mink

No, I am not talking about the animal fur that is outdated and unethical to have but the 1962 movie with Cary Grant and Doris Day.

In the last week of the summer holidays while the kids were out I chose to watch this classic movie as I love watching classic movies. This is one of my faves with Cary Grant as the lead male character. Doris Day is a fantastic lead female, in this, showing how despite not liking each other to start with two people can and do fall in love and become inseparable.

Yes, the look of the film can look dated especially, the canteen scene but to see a big city like New York back in the day. You can imagine how the city looked although again some of the buildings do look out of place from what it may look like today but that is part of the
The synopsis of the film is that Doris Day's character is splashed by a car in which Cary Grant's character is sitting and through various situations, they end up falling in love and there was a happy ending. Cary is his usual suave self and tries to say sorry for getting her soaking wet from a puddle whilst turning a corner but it doesn't work out that way. Doris shows how without being rude you can refuse another person's advances. Ok, some of the phrasings are outdated, but you can still see the point of what is being said in the situations. It also shows how the style of the clothes that were worn, were and are very stylish and classy in what was been worn. Despite being a more upper class in what was being worn at the time by the average person.

I love this movie and give it 4/5