Cerebral palsy battle

The last week has been a battle with cerebral palsy it is part of me but it doesn't define me in any way. The things going on have been personal so I have been quiet because of it. I'm loving the way things are working out though and things are being more positive. This last week has been challenging and worth it so trying to plan things in advance but if I am quiet I am sorry.
There are two electronic reviews coming up from me too along with make up looks, product reviews, and a book review or two.
If there is anything you want to know don't forget to leave me a message and I will be happy to answer the questions.


  1. cerebral palsy treatment can be complex, addressing a wide range of individual symptoms and conditions.

  2. I appreciate what you are saying. What I am referring to is the day to day battle of living with the condition. Being a mum of twins while having the condition. There are days when it hinders me to such an extent that I am super frustrated because there are things that I can't do but are needed to be done.


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