Aweigh to go

This is no ordinary review for me. Being disabled I need to be in a reasonable shape as it makes it more difficult to walk if I am over weight. So when I was asked to review these scales I grabbed the opportunity. I was interested in what I actually weighed. I have normal electric scales for my weight so what is the difference between my normal ones and these. These scales are amazing. They are incredibly easy to set up and use. They are linked to your phone so if you are able to track what you have and everything else can be linked via other apps that sink together.  

You are given 2 AAA batteries and after putting them in the base you link them up to your phone with the app, you can weigh yourself. The scales themselves give your initial weight and then the app shows you many different types of information about your own body like the bone density, water amount and muscle mass. 

I love these scales for these particular reasons and will continue to use them to keep myself in check. 
I give these scales 4/5