An awesome foundation

Ok so I love make up and occasionally blog about it and one of my favourite make up people #LisaPotter-Dixon who works for Benefit Cosmetics.  The company will always be one of my favorites however as you may have noticed I have been using and promoting is #Younique. They are very on par with Benefit and other high-end luxury make up companies and yet Younique are at times midrange prices for higher end product.

So I wanted to say about Younique foundation. I love liquid foundation as a form of foundation however my budget is really tight at the moment so picked up the powder and cream versions as a duo at £47 with a saving of £3.
 They are touch mineral foundations and are totally gorgeous. I have combination skin that sweat's in the heat yet is dry as well so getting the combo of both works brilliantly for the change of season going  on right now. They are totally awesome in the fact that they actually cover a multitude of reasons why your skin is uneven because of a odd blemish or you suffer redness then the really do bring it back to an even tone without the need for concealer although it is recommended generally. So if you can't afford a concealer and foundation  I highly recommend getting the chance of the duo set. there are many shades and mine is velour. I absolutely adore the way the powder is separated from the powder by a little pot on top of the powder so it can be kept clean. I give the duo set 4/5



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