A Fantasy Rewview

This is a review of Fantasy Perfume by Britney Spears                             
Top notes
Red Lychee, Golden Quince, Kiwi
Heart notes
Jasmine Petals, White Chocolate Orchid
Base notes
Musk, Orris Root, Sensual Woods

I was given this  Fantasy by Britney Spears  perfume  by my hubby for a Christmas present a couple of years ago. I love this and wear it very often.
The above is what the professionals say as the notes that the perfume has. 
The notes of smell that I notice the most are the heart notes and the base notes with a pinch of the top notes that subtly slip away into the background leaving the others to linger on throughout the day.
I love the design of the bottle too as it is an original design with the little specks of green crystals all over.  Britney has other perfumes in the range and hopefully I get one for my birthday or Christmas. 

I grade this perfume 4/5


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